I truly feel like we found in you someone who is on our side and someone who understands what our daughter Charlotte needs. When I read your evaluation report, I felt such a strong sense of relief. I was finally able to see a light. Before we met, I thought that our situation was hopeless. Yet, your report helped me realize that someone finally understands our child, and has the ability to convey it in writing so clearly. 

Since Charlotte was born, clinicians have advised us about all that Charlotte can't do, or won't be able to do. You are the first person who has told us what Charlotte CAN do. Thank you for believing in our daughter. 

Simply put: You give me hope. Your command of written expression and your knowledge of reading and literacy development are amazing to me.  I believe in your expertise, and I am so grateful to have you on our side. As a parent, my goals for Charlotte are for her to be able to read and write independently, and to get the appropriate help that she needs and deserves from her school.

In your written assessment, you used your own observations along with information that we gave you from the neuropsychological evaluation to write an outstanding report that conveys an in-depth understanding of our daughter's needs.

Your work is exceptional. Thank you for all you have done for us, and for Charlotte.  We are grateful to know you."

~ Kristen T., Bedford, NY

"You not only helped my son, you helped me learn how to help my son."

~ Mariana T., Mamaroneck, NY 

"Our son’s 3rd grade teacher has written me to validate the progress in reading that he has made this year since he began working with Carolyn Polchinski. She has noted that both his confidence and motivation have increased, and his AD/HD is well managed. Joseph's writing reflects a more organized and cohesive approach, and his fluency when reading aloud has also improved.

As parents, we appreciate how Carolyn goes the extra mile to ensure that Joseph is engaged in the material, by tailoring each lesson to his individual interests and finding just the right books on his reading level. Carolyn is an enthusiastic educator who clearly evidences her own love of learning.

Most importantly, our son feels good about himself. This is a result of the positive relationship that he has developed with Carolyn. She has an upbeat, engaging approach that truly celebrates each child's strengths. Our son is so fortunate to have such caring and dedicated support." 

~ Sarah M., Rye, NY

​​"Carolyn Polchinski is extremely passionate about her work.  She tutors and advocates for my 6th grade son, Nicholas, who has significant reading and writing impairments.  Carolyn is patient, kind, supportive, and very precise in her methods.  She has taught my son how to read and write with more independence and confidence. 

In addition, Carolyn has coached me in learning how I can help my son in a manner that was simple and easy to understand.  This was very important because before I met Carolyn, I did not really understand how to properly help my son. Now I can support Nicholas at home in a way that encourages his continuous improvement. 

Carolyn wrote an extremely detailed and comprehensive report to my son’s school, so that the district could also find the appropriate support to help my son succeed. In her report, Carolyn provided a clear outline of my son's current deficits and articulated his most urgent needs. With Carolyn’s help, I am hoping my son will achieve long-term success.

I highly recommend Carolyn Polchinski as both tutor and advocate.  I am grateful that I have finally found the right person to help my son."

~ Sincerely, Tamiko K., Mamaroneck, NY

"Our son, Michael, started 2nd grade with a lot of difficulty in reading and writing. He had also recently been diagnosed with AD/HD. In September 2009, we decided to engage a tutor to support him. Carolyn Polchinski began working with our son on a weekly basis.

Carolyn listens effectively to us as parents, to our issues and areas of concern. She encourages Michael to write his own stories, and has taught him how to tackle new and difficult words when he is reading independently.

After several months of working with Carolyn, our son is reading at above grade level, and is proud to show us the stories he has worked on with Carolyn. He is working hard and has gained increased confidence in his abilities.

To summarize, I highly recommend Carolyn as a private tutor. She is positive, energetic, and has made learning a fun experience for our son."

~ Sincerely, Jennifer W., Chappaqua, NY


Increasing learner independence...
one child at a time. 

​​​​Parent Testimonials:

“Carolyn Polchinski has helped my daughter regain her confidence and become a passionate and proficient reader. She immediately found a way to connect with Lily, using a variety of techniques to engage and stimulate her intellect. Ms. Polchinski has awakened a love of reading in my child.

My 1st grade daughter’s confidence has grown in ways I could not have imagined just 6 short months ago. Lily now initiates her own work independently. In just a few short months, Carolyn has turned my child from an insecure and reluctant reader to one that I find reading to herself in bed!

In summary, Carolyn Polchinski is an exceptional educator with an enviable capacity to connect with young children. She possesses dedication, knowledge, and enthusiasm for her work. My daughter is fortunate to have such a talented educator by her side.

Carolyn's ability to connect with her young students is truly a gift!"

~ Dr. Melissa D., Scarsdale, NY