Increasing learner independence...

one child at a time. 

While our practice is based in New York and Connecticut, all instruction and advocacy services can be delivered remotely to children and teens

throughout the United States.

​​​​​​​An Individualized Approach:   
At Confident Readers, increasing learner independence is our primary goal. We support our students in achieving their individual potential by helping students improve their self-esteem as readers and writers. Our approach to reading and writing instruction is precisely tailored to each individual child or teen and focused on personalized learning goals. In addition, we provide individualized support and instruction that help students expand their vocabulary skills and improve the quality and substance of their expressive language skills and written work.

In order to achieve proficiency in reading, it is imperative that each student read with confidence and independence. We increase each reader's success as a reader by administering diagnostic assessments to determine each student's individual reading abilities. Next, we provide each student with accurately-leveled books that have been chosen to align with each child's personal interests. Finally, we joyfully deliver individualized instruction with precision. This support improves self-esteem and drives long-term reading achievement.

As a result of this customized approach, students improve their critical thinking skills, learn how to provide textual evidence to support their written work, improve use context clues to build knowledge of vocabulary, develop a sense of independent inquiry, and increase their motivation to read and explore varied genres. Students thrive in our portfolio-based approach to individualized learning that allows for their imaginations to soar and confidence to skyrocket. They develop a keen sense of their own talents. The potential is limitless!

 Our Services: 


Independent Reading and Writing Assessments  

Individualized Reading and Writing Instruction

Optimize Student Strengths 

Interpret and Convey the Data in 

Neuropsychological Evaluations

Identify the Implications of Asssessment Data on 

Individual Learning Experiences

Evaluate current IEPs for Accuracy and Precision

Write new IEP goals based on the data and evidence

in Neuropsychological Evaluations