Our primary goal is to instill a lifelong love of reading and writing in every child. We nurture individual strengths, target our instruction to individual needs, and set concrete goals for success.

Increasing learner independence....
one child at a time. 

 Informed educational advocacy is at the core of our practice. We teach, support, and advocate for children and teens who are navigating dyslexia and other language-based learning complexities.


We administer skilled assessments, identify and write measurable IEP goals, coach students, advise parents, attend CSE meetings, and provide responsible, individualized instruction.

Confident Readers is a full-service K-12 educational advocacy firm, serving children and adolescents in New York and Connecticut in person and nationwide remotely. We empower students to become stronger, more capable, and more independent readers and writers by guiding them on a path of self-discovery to optimize their individual strengths. We provide individualized instruction in reading comprehension, fluency, decoding, word study, vocabulary development, and written expression. Supporting our students in building their self-esteem is paramount.